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Measuring Success 

Similar to the great success and impact of Outward Bound courses, it is difficult to objectively measure outcome from personal growth experiences involving adventure and service which affect one’s value systems, personality, relationships and self-esteem. Much of the evidence is anecdotal and from observations.

Based on what The American Adventure Service Corps members have told us and from what we have observed, you can expect positive growth in the following areas:

  • Ongoing injections of self-esteem, possible even over an 11-year time period of participation

  • Development of a stronger service ethic and a greater willingness to help others

  • A deeper understanding and compassion for others

  • More appreciation for the natural world

  • Stronger family ties, especially when parents attend trips

  • Higher fitness levels

  • Acquisition and mastery of life skills for outdoor adventures for their families

  • Exposure to positive role models

The most active members will reap the maximum effectiveness of all that The American Adventure Service Corps has to offer. In an average year, there are approximately 60 days of adventure activities, 40 meetings, and 5-10 service projects.

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