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The accomplishments of our TAASC members are far too many to list on one Web page. Below is a list of accomplishments both large and small that our members have completed over the years. Every one of these has presented the members participating with challenges that built teamwork self-esteem.

  • 400-mile canoe trip raises $3,000 for Habitat for Humanity

  • TAASC youngers members climb 600-foot face of Table Rock

  • Climbers with disabilities scale 600-foot rock face

  • TAASC youngers members prusik 600-foot rope

  • The American Adventure Service Corps conducts 75,000-foot Climb-a-thon to raise $4,000 for Nature Conservancy to help save Jocassee Gorge’s wilderness area

  • TAASC youngers members backpack 14 miles

  • 300-mile Broad River Expedition raises $3,000 for flood victims in eastern NC

  • The American Adventure Service Corps has been on the scene and assisted with four flood disaster relief efforts

  • Annual 4-day/50-mile backpack trips to Appalachian Trail

  • 1999 Keele River Expedition – 320-mile canoe expedition near Arctic Circle

  • Sierra Nevada Range – 80-mile mountaineering trip

  • The American Adventure Service Corps members climb in Yosemite Valley

  • Wind River Range, Wyoming – regular mountaineering trips

  • 5th Annual Wilderness First Aid Course completed

  • 2000 Nahanni River Expedition

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